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Crowdfunding for personal growth and visionary projects

Dedicated to the advancement and excellence of humanity on Earth.

The Vision

We are a Global Spirit Tribe supporting each other

in building a sustainable civilization on Earth

that honours all things as sacred.

We believe this is possible

with three components:

  1. Connecting with the Community

  2. Healing, Growing & Thriving

  3. Building our dreams!




We empower people to raise funds for:  









Why use Visionary Fund?  

It's FREE to use. You do not pay a commission to Visionary Fund

Campaigns are easy to set up with step-by-step instructions

Advanced sharing features to social networks, email, messenger & embeds

Become part of a community of like-minded people lifting each other up

Because it's awesome!

Featured Visionary Project

UNITE is an eco / wellness social marketplace to elevate personal & planetary wellbeing.


We are raising money for the continuing development of the UNITE website & app to better serve our community and become the one stop shop for everything wellbeing (products, services, events, content, & community).

Featured Campaigns  

Success Story

Tanin (Kosmic T) is a visionary musical artist who utilized Visionary Fund to raise more than $11,000 for the Star River Sanctuary.  Together we can rise, heal the earth and build a sustainable future!

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We are thankful for all the amazing people that are supporting us in the realization of our mission!

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