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Team & Supporters

Camara Cassin
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Camara is a medicine woman, solutions provider, networking wizard, mystical manifestress with experience in Environmental Science, Permaculture, Business Admin, Marketing and Crowdfunding.


It is her dream to utilize Visionary Fund as a tool to build the world's first self-sustaining city and then duplicate the system around the world.

Rick Broider
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VF Operations

Rick Broider is the Holistic Wellness Advocate helping people “Become Their OWN Life Coach” and live happier lives. As a natural born problem solver, he has over 30 years experience with aligning people with passions, regenerative systems creation, and effectively managing resources. Rick has been the driving force behind the responsible growth of many business endeavors and operational successes. As a New Earth Co-Creator, Rick contributes his production and operational skills to Visionary Fund.

Connect with Rick on social media and learn on his website

Autumn Skye Morrison
Visionary Artist

Autumn-Skye is a visionary artist from Canada. Her art features prominently on our website.  Her painting "Lightwork" shows many hands weaving the rainbow web of life on Earth. To us this perfectly represents how we can all work together to build the reality we want to live in. She has been supportive of Visionary Fund since the vision first took shape and we are stoked to have her on the team!

Paul Johnson
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Paul Johnson is the founder of Ecstatic Empire. A Collaborative Entity that activates exponential business growth for conscious creators and entrepreneurs via coaching , consulting and immersive events. After spending 24 years in finance, where he started and sold multiple banks while building sales teams that did billions of dollars in sales. His passion is helping people and companies operate in their zone of genius to create their most ecstatic life. Giving them the opportunity to heal themselves, their communities and the planet.

Cody Horne

Cody is mechanically inclined, spending most of his time working on super-machines in the arctic.  He supports the vision of Visionary Fund and is proud to invest his time and resources for it's success.

Cameron Wenaus
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Cameron is the Co-founder and CEO of Retreat Guru. Retreat Guru is a site where people can find and book retreats including ayahuasca, other plant medicines, meditation, yoga and health and wellness. As a company they have a core belief that you are already perfect. Just as you are. With your flaws and imperfections, your shadow side as well as your light; you were born perfect. You are right where you are meant to be, and all that you need is already within you. Cameron gave of his time and experience to help us in our initial research for building a successful model for Visionary Fund. We are proud to have their support.

Deanne Adamson

Deanne is the Visionary and Founder of Being True To You, which provides psychospiritual, plant medicine preparation and integration coaching and coach training. It was from Deanne that Camara learned how to coach others. Deanne's ability to dig deep into the authentic truth in each person's heart and connect with them is so needed in the world!

Ian-Michael Herbert

Ian-Michael is the Visionary founder of HOLOS GLOBAL, an organization of retreat centers and residential communities. He is committed to creating a world that works for us everyone, including all the diverse forms of life on earth. His education is in EcoResort Design and Development, and he has an MA in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Community Mental Health.

Simon Haiduk
Visionary Artist

Simon creates digital art that centers around nature and spirituality. He is dedicated to helping people open and expand their consciousness and connection to life through art and music.  Simon was one of the first people to support Camara's vision and his art has been holding sacred space in her environment ever since.  Simon holds the vision of a sustainable civilization on Earth that values life as sacred.

Dr. Devon Christie

Devon is a medical doctor and somatic therapist specializing in psychedelic medicine for wellness. She is the medical director of Numinous Health, Canada's first Health Canada approved psychedelic medicine center.

Devon loves how Visionary Fund supports ease of access to transformational therapies that can improve lives and change the world. 

H.E Shyalpa Rinpoche

H.E. Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche is a preeminent Buddhist Dzogchen master, teacher, scholar, and author who is fluent in English and has a keen understanding of Western culture. Rinpoche is admired for his sharp intellect, quick wit and heartfelt compassion. His spontaneous, clear, and insightful teachings inspire us to live in the moment with wakefulness and genuine caring for others. He is building the Universal Peace Sanctuary in Nepal and is pleased to partner with Visionary Fund to help achieve his vision.

Alexandros Lysios
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Alexandros Lysios is a formally trained Greek philosopher (BA, MA), Bay Area entrepreneur, experience designer, psychonaut, and community builder, having lived & worked in Europe, North America, and Asia. He recently relaunched Seanius, a sociotechnical infrastructure for coordinating global awakening and universal flourishing, published a collection of his love letters at Letters to the One, offers philosophical guidance, and writes at Numinous Quest on Substack.

Trevor Millar

Trevor is a social-entrepreneur and owner of Liberty Root Therapy Ltd., serving those called to experience the healing properties of African plant medicine Tabernanthe Iboga and its derivatives. He has served on the board of MAPS Canada, The Canadian Psychedelic Association and the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance. He is currently working with Nuvellevie Nuerogenesis in Mexico. Trevor holds the vision of connecting humanity for the highest good of all.

Soniko Waira
Multimedia Manager
 & content creator

Soniko is a Father, Artist, Musician and Visionary, walking the sacred path of "the wise human". 

He is a teacher and student of magick, indigenous consciousness, master plants and shamanism.

He is the creator of the Heart Map Experience a visionary path for self-empowerment and collective development.

Soniko is also a talented multimedia designer and he currently supports the Visionary Fund as a web designer marketing consultant and creating content for our social media.

Sheida Livai
VF Networking

​Sheida has spent over 10 years leading creative projects and experientially learning what makes communities thrive. She believes in transparent, inclusive, trust-based marketing and develops strategies for ethical businesses that focus on adding value to the world. Her passion for plant medicine, altered states of consciousness, and human health led her to the psychedelic movement and Nectara where she is helping spread knowledge and truth. Through her own journey with psychedelic therapy, she has experienced the impact of set, setting, and support which fuels her drive to educate and help the underserved.

Melissa Stangle
Melissa Headshot.jpg

​After spending years working in scientific labs and corporate offices, Melissa realized the healing and transformative potential of working responsibly with psychedelics and plant medicines. Since 2015, her mission has been to support this, first by running a top-rated ayahuasca center in the Peruvian Amazon, and now as Founding Partner and COO for Soltara Healing Center, a Shipibo-led ayahuasca center in Costa Rica, with a focus on integration. She is passionate about using her technical, managerial, and problem-solving skills to help bridge the gap between the Western world and the incredible healing potential of plant medicines, their traditions, and a holistic approach to health.

Tanin Shunter
Advocate & Advisor

Also known as Kosmic T, Tanin is a heart-centered conscious hiphop artist hailing from the visionary mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Kosmic channels high-vibe sound journeys to activate the inner-genius and inspire the hearts of all who come into contact with his music.His most recent project 'Rise Of The New Earth' is a rare collaboration with world-renowned producers DJ Taz Rashid (USA), Momentology (USA), and award-winning audio engineer Paulo Germano (Brazil), resulting in a highly unique, out-of-this-world production. 

Tanin was the first to run a test campaign on Visionary Fund and he successfully raised more than his goal of $11,000!

Jerry Levinson
VF Psychologist

Jerry Levinson is a non dual psychologist, teacher, author and founder of New Paradigm Parenting which is a radical, non-power based approach, allowing children, through unconditional acceptance, to more easily let go of their primary identification as a separate individual (ego). The transformative power of psychedelics makes the "journey without distance to a place we have never left" available to all humanity.  I am so happy to consider myself a supporter of this awesome undertaking.  My love and respect for Camara's knowledge, wisdom and experience assures me that only good can come of this Visionary Fund.

Jen Von Berendt
VF Architect

Jennifer is an Architectural Designer who is moving into a new kind of architecture; Idea Architecture, working with people to design the blueprint for how to birth their dreams and ideas into the physical world. As a ‘Dream Doula’, Jen measures her impact by how many dreams/ideas she can help her clients successfully manifest via the unique frameworks that she and her team architect for them. Jen sees Visionary Fund as a powerful platform for cultivating dreamers and dreams and supports the expansive positive ripple effect that each Visionary Fund campaign initiates in the world.

Shelby Clark

Turo Founder, Retreat Guru Head of Product, MetroMile Chief Marketing Officer, early team member and Director of Risk. 

Harvard MBA

Shelby arrived into the field just as the idea for Visionary Fund was being born. He advised on how we could create a basic product to test functionality.  He has been a great support and we are thrilled to have him on the team.

Melanie Waterfall

Melanie is a Psychedelic Prep & Integration Coach, holding space for you to return to your unique Divine Light. Many years ago, Camara introduced her to the healing potential of Psychedelics. Since that powerful experience which she is eternally grateful for, Melanie has not only healed many life long & ancestral traumas, but has found her Spiritual purpose in life as a light worker, practitioner and compassionate empowerment coach. 

Terra Entheos
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Community Connector

Terra Entheos is a passionate community organizer who understands the devotion needed to collectively synergize personal strengths in order to move through the transition of our times. Terra is the visionary and catalyst of Emergence Gathering, a hybrid monthly and yearly event to build personal and collective resilience through creating harmony with all our relations. She is excited to see Visionary Fund initiate a platform for healing and greater well being.

Amber Lee Ann
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Amber Lee Ann is a Conscious Rights Activist and New Earth Visionary who believes that it is not only our right but our responsibility to take back control of our conscious, creative energy. In her work as a hypnotherapist, lifestyle coach and yoga teacher she helps people break free of the social programming that keeps them trapped in unhappy and unhealthy lives so that they can find their true purpose and passion. She is on a mission to find sustainable and regenerative solutions that will help humanity collectively rise up and share her message with the world through living example.

Liana Elizabeth
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Liana Elizabeth is a program manager with over 5+ years of multi-cultural program management and staff supervisory experience in several countries with an array of skills in a few industries from fundraising and crowdfunding in the nonprofit sector to social activism and public administration in the public sector and thinktanks. She specializes in fundraising, event planning, and building and sustaining relationships with community partners and the broader network.  Her career is supported by a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Liana is a healer and artist for the last decade using the beauty of fruit, fasting, dance, yoga, meditation and robust self-love.

Troy Adams
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The Troy Story has spent the last 8 years devoting his life to teaching mindfulness meditation to homeless youth and small children while simultaneously using his gift of singing, sound healing, and dance to help others channel and align with their highest self. Troy is a firm believer in "Breakdowns before breakthroughs," ever challenging the status quo of what living authentically in a world community looks like.

Tara Lopez
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Tara is a communicator and journalist that has spent over 8 years immerse in the world of digital marketing and social media focusing in conscious networking and intentional  advertising to create harmony and balance in the world. As a volunteer of the Perma Vida Foundation is cultivating a thriving world by empowering regenerative communities and resilient ecosystems by applying the principles of permaculture. Her personal experience with her own health led her and her family to start creating their own natural products for skin care and household cleaning, free of chemicals, handmade and with completely natural ingredientes harvest in a farm in Matapalo, Costa Rica, which excites us since we contribute to the environment and create a benefit for the planet we live on, making a better place for future generations.

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