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The Vision

Honored Visionary,  

Lately almost everyone I meet shares a similar vision. They want to live their lives with purpose and passion. They want to live in an environmentally friendly way, a sustainable way. They want to work together with others in community and share with each other. They want to be free to explore their connection to their consciousness and the sacredness of the world. They want to be free to love and have peace. They want to bring their skills and talents to the table and build something that will make a difference.


Imagine self-sustaining cities and communities around the world that are specifically designed to meet these needs. Places that produce their own power and food, manage their own waste, produce their own goods. It’s like building a colony on another planet, like Mars. Only here on Earth. Developing closed loop systems is the way humanity moves towards sustainability.


It’s time for Humanity to come together and give our best. It’s time for us to figure out how to live together, how to build together, how to take care of our population and how to be stewards of the garden of Earth and all it’s life forms. This doesn’t mean going back to living in caves. This means evaluating and using the best that humanity has to offer to create something entirely new.

A few years ago I sat down and did a design of such a city concept and mapped out many of the systems.  As an Environmental Science Technologist and permaculture designer I believe that it is technologically possible to build such a city. However, it came to me that most people aren’t yet capable of living in such a way.  First they need to heal their hearts, expand their consciousness, let go of trauma patterns,fear, and scarcity mentality. A person can’t be fully on board with a team if they aren’t on board with themselves.


Quite the conundrum! What to do? Where is the logical starting point? It came to me then that we need to build the new civilization in three stages for each person. 1. Heal and grow 2. Connect with the community & bring your best  3. Build the dreams.

It seems clear that the gateway into every community needs to be healing and mentorship. We can utilize transformational catalysts such as plant medicine and other altered states of consciousness to help people evolve exponentially faster. It is important to provide safe and effective containers for that work from various wisdom traditions.  Once someone is able to step out of fear, guilt and shame and step into their own power as a self-actualized individual they live from passion and from service.


This is the time where people can come together into community teams and start living their chosen purpose and together building the vision. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle and every piece fits somewhere.

Visionary Fund was developed to hold the funding part for the self sustaining city mega project, and for all the little projects between now and then.  It’s a crowdfunding site specifically to help people with personal growth, education and visionary projects. It is dedicated to the advancement and excellence of humanity on Earth.

On the Visionary Fund site people can raise money for attending an Ayahuasca retreat, or to attend psychedelic therapy, or to go to a transformational seminar, or to pay their teacher training certification fees, or to build a new invention, an eco-community, This is a place of giving and receiving and of reciprocity and paying it forward. 


In the future I see Visionary Fund incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency. I also forsee a Visionary Dao and a Visionary Trust. It would be amazing for Visionary Fund to be a cooperative owned by it's members! The way we set up the economy of the future is incredibly important to the sustainability of the entire system. We are currently calling in support for developing this aspect of Visionary Fund. 

Join us in building the dream no matter what stage you are in.


  • You can utilize the platform for your personal growth if you need support from the community.

  • You can use the platform to launch and fund your visionary project or innovation.

  • You can join our team and help us build out the rest of the ecosystem we are developing including Visionary Tribe, Visionary Trust, Visionary Dao.

  • You can share about Visionary Fund to your friends, family and larger network.

Join us!


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Camara Cassin

Founder, Visionary Fund 

Env Sci Tech, Cert Psychospiritual Coach

Camara Cassin | LinkedIn

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